Calming Noms

Last Wednesday, 14 teens attended our first-ever cooking program! We eat a lot of food, and we occasionally use a toaster or hot plate for a snack or a craft, but we've never attempted this before for a very simple reason: the library does not have a kitchen! Teen Advisory Board member Laurel, who loves to cook, approached me with the idea for a program about foods that reduce stress, I was intrigued. I told her we could do it, but that we'd have to be really creative to make cooking possible in our space!

Laurel was up to the challenge, though, and came up with two recipes. The first, turkey sliders, we cooked on hot plates. After that, we made fruit and granola parfaits, which didn't require any cooking.  We also put together a list of foods that increase memory and decrease stress, and asked people to make up their own recipies or meals.  People came up with everything from breakfast sandwiches to three-course dinners!  Laurel did a great job of explaining what she was doing as she went along, involving people in food preparation, and discussing a little bit of the science behind the foods.  It was like she was doing a cooking show!  She was a total pro. 

If you missed it, here are some of the websites Laurel used to prepare for the event:

What to Eat for Better Concentration and Memory
10 Foods that Help Reduce Stress
20 Foods that Will Increase Your Studying Effectiveness

Delicious turkey sliders!

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