Fanboy Friday!

Last Friday, 32 people came to hear Barry Lyga talk about The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl. It was fun, with a great reading from the book and a lot of time for Q and A. It's always cool to hear about the creation of a good book. For example, in the original drafts, Kyra was a really minor character. Later, she took over the story and got her name in the title!

Everyone asked thoughtful questions, and Barry was impressed with how many of you had already read the book! My favorite question was from Kara, asking Barry about the craziest thing he has ever seen at a comic book convention. Other memorable questions were about his favorite books and movies, and whether this book will have a sequel (the answer: maybe). And one exciting thing we learned is that he was recently on an author panel with John Green and Stephenie Meyer! After the talk, 17 people bought books to get signed. ( I still have a few more, unsigned but a deal at only $11!)

We found out that his next book, Boy Toy, will be released in October 2007. This is a story, told in flashbacks, of of 12-year-old boy who has a relationship with his teacher. It sounds pretty depressing, but everyone was very interested in reading it. Barry is planning to send us an ARC when one is printed, and there is already a waiting list!

And the coolest thing...Barry said we were his best public library event ever. Oh yeah!!!

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Amy said...

yay! super fun!