Scary Movie Before a Holiday

Today, 26 teens came to the library for our showing of The Nightmare Before Christmas!  Some even showed up in costume...we had three Sailor Scouts and one (male) Ke$ha.  Some people had seen the movie many times, but it was the first time for others.  We put on the subtitles to encourage singing along! 

While watching the movie, we made shrinky-dink charms of the characters.  People traced a design or drew their own, then I baked them in my toaster oven.  They looked great!  Only one didn't turn out well, and that person was able to do another one, so it all worked out.

If you want to buy the paper to do this at home, it is available at A. C. Moore.  Michael's and Jo-Ann do not carry it in their stores.  You can also find it online by looking for the term "shrink film."  It costs about $5.00 for a pack of six sheets, but you can get four to six projects out of a single sheet. 

 Some shrinky-dinks before baking.  Each was the size of 1/4 sheet of paper.

 Morgan drew this amazing Lock without a model, let alone something to trace!

 Some completed shrinky-dinks.  They are all about the size of a $.50 coin.  We put them on big safety pins to attach to bags and zippers.

Two Sailor Scouts!

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