Books with Beat: Hip-Hop

This year's Teen Read Week theme is Books with Beat, which can be interpreted in a lot of different ways. Look for these books in our teen collection!

  • Caught Up in the Drama by ReShonda Tate Billingsley (Good Girlz series)
  • Tyrell by Coe Booth
  • Understand Rap:  Explanations of Confusing Rap Lyrics You and Your Grandma Can Understand by William Buckholz
  • Can't Hold Me Down by Lyah B. LeFlore (The Come Up series)
  • The World Is Mine by Lyah B. LeFlore (The Come Up series)
  • Bling:  The Hip-Hop Jewelry Book by Reggie Osse and Gabriel Tolliver
  • How to Draw Hip-Hop by Damion Scott and Kris Ex
  • Spin It Like That by Chandra Sparks Taylor
  • Gangsta Rap by Benjamin Zephaniah

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