Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

Last Wednesday, 18 people stopped by for our Robot Drop-In Day!  Some stayed for the whole thing, while others just came by to check it out.  We watched Short Circuit and Wall-E, made robot keychains, build robots out of snack food, and identified robots in a quiz.  I totally forgot to do the robot dance contest, so we'll just have to do this theme again in the future!!

Our next drop-in day is Wednesday, December 22, for Craft Closet Cleanout. No registration is necessary, so just stop by.  Most of our fall crafts will be available (including leftover robot keychains from this event), plus a lot of other random stuff from the attic!

I love the mouth on this robot snack!

This one had eyes like a bug.

A cute robot snack

This was our most creative robot snack...he's roasting a fish over a fire!

Billy correctly identified 17 out of 20 robots and won this amazing pencil sharpener!

Completed robot keychains

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