Yesterday was 10-10-10, and teens celebrated in style at the library!  The rules were simple:  bring in a collection of 10 items, check out at least one thing, and get 10 pieces of candy!  Some people thought about their collections in advance, while others grabbed stuff from outside when they heard about the event. I kept a list through the day, and 23 people showed up. 

Here's what people brought in for their collections of 10:
  • LOL cat pictures
  • Prehistoric items
  • Silly Bandz
  • Sports cards
  • Magnets
  • Things that represent special times
  • Glowing fingernails
  • Candy
  • Earring backs
  • Hello Kitty items
  • Favorite books, videogames, or magazines
  • Folded paper crafts
  • Various colors of leaves and woodchips from outside
Out of all of these, I had to pick one to win a basket with 10 types of candy and a $10 gift card to Wawa.  Several people showed a lot of uniqueness and creativity, so it was a hard choice!  Ultimately, I asked a few librarians to help me.  They picked Kaitlyn's collection to win because they felt she went above and beyond the description.  Kaitlyn brought in ten things that reminded her of great times in her life from childhood all the way up to 10-10-10, which happened to be her 18th birthday!  So, congratulations Kaitlyn!  It's an extra birthday present!!

Ten Hello Kitty items
     Nine LOL cats on the front...

     ...and one on the back!

     Ten videogames (from home)

     Laurel brought in ten prehistoric items, including several amazing fossils, a meteorite, and a bug in amber.

     Ten magnets

     Ten favorite magazines and books (from home)

     Ten special things
    Ten adorable folded paper crafts

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