Second Sisterhood Event a Success!

Tonight, 15 more teens came to make butt pillows at the library to celebrate the new Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie. We had a great time, and everyone's pillow creations were wonderful. If you have not read the Sisterhood books, get in here and check them out!!

At the event, Kari won a Teen Ink book and cute kitten socks. Everyone from the Monday and Wednesday events also entered to win a signed copy of The Second Summer of the Sisterhood by Ann Brashares. The winner of the book was Marissa. Congratulations!!!

Here are our Ten Rules of the Pants Pillows:

1. No farting on the pillow.
2. No one else may use the pillow, except BFFs.
3. Boys may not touch the pillow. This includes dads and brothers.
4. No pillow fighting.
5. Do not wash the pillow.
6. The pillow must stay on your bed, except while it is traveling.
7. Cats may not use the pillow for a scratching post. Dogs may not use it for a chew toy. Generally, there must be no animal usage.
8. Do not put food in the pockets.
9. Do put money, notes from secret admirers, and other cool stuff in the pockets.
10. Love your butt, no matter what shape or size it is!

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