Melee on the Lawn!

Tonight, 30 teens and several other spectators enjoyed a presentation by two knights from the Society for Creative Anachronism. Darmon and Az donated their time for our Joust Read summer program kick-off event, and we are very glad that the rain went away so we could do this outdoors! Darmon and Az showed their armor, described fighting weapons and defenses, answered questions, and (of course) demonstrated some fighting. They also taught us some basic swordfighting moves with our excellent neon inflatable swords! It was really cool. At the end, Daniel and Gore won bobblehead knights donated by the PA Ren Faire.

If you missed the program or if you want more information, check out these weblinks:

East Kingdom (oversees Mid-Atlantic States, New England States, Eastern Canadian Provinces)
Shire of Hartshorn-Dale (servers Chester and Montgomery Counties)
The Barony of Bhakail (serves Philadelphia and Delaware Counties)
SCA Rules of the Lists (basic rules governing SCA combat)
SCA Weapons Standards
SCA Armor Requirements

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