Book Review: Breaking Point

Breaking Point by Alex Flinn

SUMMARY: After a heartbreaking divorce, Paul goes from being homeschooled to attending a swanky private school where his mother gets a teaching job. Marked as an easy target for bullies, Paul struggles to fit in. That is, until he is befriended by Charlie, the school's golden boy. Soon, Paul is sucked into Charlie's psychologically screwed-up world, in which vandalism and violence are tokens of friendship. What will Paul do to be Charlie's friend?

OPINION: This book is on the BH summer reading list for incoming seventh graders, but it is not your typical school reading. This book is anything but a preachy cautionary tale against bullying. Instead, it really gets into the psychology of both the bully and the bullied, and tells a gripping story.

"Happy teen years are overrated," Binky announced.
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"Show me someone who's cool in high school, I'll show you the unemployed guy eating double his share of hors d'oeurves at the ten-year reunion." (p. 32)

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