Book Review: The Realm of Possibility

The Realm of Possibility by David Levithan

SUMMARY/OPINION: This novel in verse interweaves the stories of 20 high school students through a series of 20 poems written in different styles. The poems create a wonderful atmosphere of possiblity, just as the title suggests. Also, reading this book is rather like a mystery, as you fit pieces of information from the poems together to learn about each of the characters.

BEST QUOTES (I couldn't pick just one):

the town of North Orange is still recovering
from the day the students came to biology class
and found their teacher lying on a table,
his chest cut open, his body dripping with
formaldehyde. the window was open and all
the frog tanks were
empty. (p. 67)

once time is lit, it will burn
whether or not you are breathing it in.
even after the smoke becomes air
there is the memory of smoke. (p. 11)

the first time i kissed someone
my heart raced for hours
I didn't know if I'd ever recover
if it was already too late
I just lay in my room
and reveled in the newfound power
that a motion so small
could have the full force of fate (p. 40)

He carries a knapsack
Covered with buttons for bands whose names seem to come
From the Dictionary of Contentious Words. (p. 127)

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