First Sisterhood Event

Tonight, we had our first Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Butt Pillow event. Twelve girls made really great pillows out of old jeans, decorating them with ribbon, beads, patches, and writing. Olivia won a pair of fabulously fluffy flip-flops, and everyone entered to win a signed copy of the second Sisterhood book by Ann Brashares. (The drawing for that will be on Wednesday evening.)

Learn more about the Sisterhood! Visit the Sisterhood Book Website or the Sisterhood Movie Website to do lots of fun online stuff.

Here are our Ten Rules of the Pants Pillows:

1. No pillow fighting.
2. Do not wash the pillow.
3. Do not stuff the pillow in your closet. Keep it on your bed.
4. You can sit on it, as long as it doesn't mess up the pillow.
5. No one else may use the pillow.
6. Do not put food in the pockets of the pillow.
7. Do use the pockets for nice notes, pictures, and lip gloss.
8. Boys are not allowed to unstuff the pillow.
9. Do take the pillow on vacation.
10. Use the pillow at least two times a week.

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