Book Review: I Was a Teenage Fairy

I Was a Teenage Fairy by Francesca Lia Block (NEW!)

SUMMARY: This is the story of Barbie Marks, who dreams of being the one behind the camera, not some barely flesh-and-blood version of the plastic doll she was named after. It is the story of Griffin Tyler, whose androgynous beauty hides the dark pain within him. And finally, it is the story of Mab, a pinkie-sized, magenta-haired, straight-talking fairy who may or may not be real. (excerpted from the back cover)

OPINION: This postmodern fairy tale is told in a stream-of-consciousness style that will pique your interest as it dares you try to sort out whether Mab actually exists. I was hooked after the first page! This is not a teen issue book, but these teens have issues. And Mab is the one thing they need to correct the wrongs in their lives.

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