Leap Day 2012

On Wednesday, February 29, 16 teens came by after school to celebrate Leap Day!  We did a Leap Year Mad-Lib, made chocolate-dipped bunny cookies, did Leap Year trivia, and wrote letters to ourselves to open on 2/29/2016.  In our standing long jump competition, Alvin, Siaka, and Owen came in first, second, and third.  Blya won the math prize for figuring out how old she would be next time Leap Day is a Wednesday (add 28 years to your age).  We also made and raced origami frogs.  We did four heats, and then a final race with the winners.  Owen ultimately won the competition and got a frog key chain that lit up and made frog noises.  Other prizes for the day included wind-up hopping chicks, jump-the-peg bunny brain games, and jumping beans games, stretchy flying frogs, and bouncing glow-in-the-dark egg balls.  (Dollar Tree and Oriental Trading are the best!)  Everyone got at least one thing to take home. I had a few other activities planned that we didn't get to do, so I'll have to save those for 2016!  It was a fun celebration...check out our racing frogs:

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