iPod Music Party

On Wednesday, 11 teens showed up after school for our Teen Tech Week music program.  Everyone took turns connecting their mp3 players to our speakers and playing music.  (Of course, there were a few rules about appropriateness, but everyone cooperated.)  We heard everything from traditional Irish music to French rap to 80s hair metal!  While listening, people ate snacks, made a craft, and played some games using the "random" or "shuffle" feature on the mp3 players.  The craft was especially popular...we made mp3 player holders out of old jean pockets!  People decorated them with ribbon, trim, and Sharpie markers.  They turned out really well, and a few people made more than one.  Those will definitely turn up at the next Craft Closet Cleanout, so count on that if you missed this event!

People working on their pockets.  (Sorry it's blurry...I took it with my phone.) 

Finished products!

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