Bedazzled Crafts

A while ago, I posted a sign asking for craft supply donations, including vintage Bedazzlers.  It took about six months, but I actually got three donated by library users!  If you have not heard of the Bedazzler, it's a product for decorating clothing and accessories that was popularized by 80s infomercials.  It's kind of like a stapler for studs and rhinestones.  You can still buy them at craft stores; I bought stuff online from Jo-Ann and saw a Bedazzler for sale in Michael's.

Anyway, 10 people showed up last Wednesday for Bedazzled crafts, even though some of them didn't even know what it was!  I supplied inexpensive bags, bandannas, and purses, and everyone loose with the Bedazzlers.  Everyone decorated two items to take home, and several people also Bedazzled their own items, like tote bags and flip flops!  It was fun, and the Bedazzlers will now be appearing at various other events, including Craft Closet Cleanout.  For example, the mp3 player pocket craft would look even more awesome with studs and rhinestones!

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