Mario Night

As part of Teen Tech Week, we had our first-ever Mario Night last Friday.  Fourteen people showed up and we had fun playing all kinds of Mario games.  We played Mario Kart Wii, various Mario games on DS, Dr. Mario on the NES, and a variety of other Mario games on a second Wii.  I also gave away random Mario prizes throughout the evening.  (If you want your own Mario stuff, go to Five Below...they have all kinds of candy, toys, and t-shirts!)

Competition was tough in the Mario Kart Wii tournament!  Rather than brackets, we compiled points for the races.  After two rounds of two races each, the four guys with the most points moved on to the finals.  Roy, Jamie, Alex, and Colin competed, and it was a nail-biter.  Colin beat Roy by one point!  Colin received a $10 Wawa gift card and Roy got a Mario t-shirt.  All four finalists also got candy.

I had been bragging for a while before the event that nobody could beat me at Dr. Mario.  I pretty much killed everyone with my skills...except for Jaime.  In my defense, I didn't practice beforehand,  it was my first game, and I voluntarily took the broken controller.  Nonetheless, he did beat me and I can accept that.  He was the only person who got candy in the Dr. Mario competition!  I am definitely buying a new controller from eBay!

Thanks to David for providing his Wii and games, John for controlling the controllers, and Colin for bringing his N64.  Look for our regular Nintendo Night tournament on the spring program schedule.

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