Book Review: Good Behavior

Good Behavior:  A Memoir by Nathan L. Henry

Review by Anas
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SUMMARY:  Nathan L. Henry brings his teenage self to life in the autobiography Good Behavior. Nate Henry was a 16-year-old kid who lived for drugs, sex, and violence, who was put on trial for armed robbery and sent to jail. All his life he acted like the cool kid in town, with the tough personality. Learning from his father's actions, Nate builds his characteristics the same way. However, even with those qualities, you can see it was a protective shell that he lived behind to gain the respect that he wanted. When looking beyond that cover and studying his character you can tell that he is not the bad kid that everyone sees him as. His time in jail brings out this civil quality and gives you a deeper look to whom he really is, making the reader understand him more. It changes him into the better man that he really is.

OPINION:  This book draws the reader into it, and gives you the thrill feeling that you are not only part of the book, but that you are the actual character. The best part about this is not the telling of what happened, but a reliving of the past to live in the future. The tendancies of this character toward drugs, violence, and sex make it more believable, to the point that as the reader I wish I can do something to help him out. I would rate this book a five out of five because this was a gripping book that I was not able to put down. Even though I was busy, I made time for it by reading it while going from class to class, lunch, and outside.

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