Ninja Links

Here is lots of ninja randomness for your time-wasting pleasure:

Ninja Parade
A fake video news story from The Onion News Network about what happens when ninjas hold a parade.

Ninja Burger
You WILL experience the Ninja Burger® difference!  Guaranteed delivery in 30 minutes or less, or we commit Seppuku!

Ask A Ninja
It's not just a Q&A video series, it's a whole website!  However, here are the links to the two segments we watched:
The Ninja Glare
This video gets a little repetitive, but it's fun to try to master the ninja glare.  (Hint...they show it in slo-mo at the very end.)

Ninja Say What?!
This video made me crack up laughing...it's a whole new take on racism!  (FYI:  There are a few inappropriate words.)

How Stuff Works:  Ninja
Find out the history of the real ninja.  (Don't want to read?  Listen to the podcast.)

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