Book Review: How They Croaked

How They Croaked:  The Awful Ends of the Awfully Famous by Georgia Bragg

Review by Arig
(This book will be released on March 15, 2011.)

SUMMARY:  How did Cleopatra, a Queen of Ancient Egypt, die? Cleopatra allegedly died from a snake’s bite. Or did she? How They Croaked is a book that brings together famous historical figures and describes their deaths. It gives a brief background about the history of each person but then describes in gory detail the death of each one and their sicknesses. You’ll journey the life adventures and death beds of royals like King Tut and King Henry VIII and other famous people like Einstein or Dickinson. Details that you never hear of in school (that are true) are revealed and they keep you laughing, grossed out, and thanking God for the advanced technology we have today. For example, did you know that Columbus on one of his expeditions got diarrhea? Or that for the men to go to the bathroom on ship they had to hang their rear ends off of the plank of the ship and use a dangling piece of rope to wipe? Sometimes ‘the poop got on their hands and they ate and shook hands with others after’. Eww! Gross! Yet very very funny. There’s more between the book covers.

OPINION:  I’ve got to stay, don’t judge a book by its genre. Who would’ve ever thought that nonfiction would be sooo interesting and funny? It expanded my knowledge on all these famous yet ancient people. The book was hilarious, gross, and totally awesome. My siblings, friends, and classmates stole the book from me so they could get a piece of info on how Einstein died or how King Tut was robbed in his own grave. Not only did kids my age and younger enjoy it, but even most adults found it unavoidable. You will love it! You won’t be sorry you picked it up. I would recommend this book to all ages. Warning: Make sure your stomach won’t flip on some of the nasty facts discovered. Do NOT eat while reading this book.

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