Bluford Cart Display

We have too many books to fit on the shelves in the teen section, so I have been creating cart displays on different themes for a while.  For the next few weeks, look for "Beyond Bluford" books on the cart in the teen room.  If you have read all of the Bluford High books, I have a lot of suggestions.  I included books with urban settings, books with African-American characters, and books with "drama," so there's something for everyone.  Check it out!


JLC said...

I found this blog through the Wake County Library Teen Blog. As I'm in NC and unable to visit your library, are you able to post a few titles from this display? I work with teens that love this series, and we're always trying to get them reading. Any suggestions are great.

Gretchen said...

I'm at home, but here are some things I can suggest looking for:

*Tyrell by Coe Booth
*Kendra by Coe Booth
*So for Real series by Nikki Carter
*Good Girlz series by ReShonda Tate Billingsley
*Jason and Kyra by Dana Davidson
*Sweet Thang by Allison Whittenberg
*Hollywood and Maine by Allison Whittenberg
*Drama High series by L. Divine
*Books by authors Sharon Flake, Sharon Draper, Nikki Grimes, Walter Dean Myers, and Jacqueline Woodson
*Books from the Kimani Tru imprint

Hope this helps!!