Hip-Hop Essentials

On October 22, over 30 teens showed up for Hip-Hop Essentials  Featuring The One Sun Lion Ra and DJ Ambush!  We were in the middle of the adult library, so there were a lot of other people who stopped by the program or listened while they were on the computers.  The program was a positive, interactive discussion of hip-hop history and culture.  Ra also did some rapping and beat-boxing, and got a few kids up on the mic at the end! 

This program was funded by a grant from the Delaware County Office of Behavioral Health.  Thanks for your support!  And thanks to DJ Ambush for filling in when DJ Brother Jamar couldn't make it.  It was great to have you.

 Ra talking to the group


 Another shot of Ra talking  :)

A few guys were brave enough to freestyle on the mic.  They did an amazing job, rapping about everyday stuff like school, fast food, and their families.

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Anonymous said...

From one librarian to another...awesome teen program!