Book Review: Low Red Moon

Low Red Moon by Ivy Devlin
Review by Elena
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Low Red Moon is a story about a 15-year-old girl, Avery Hood, who has lived her whole life in the woods.  One night, her life is changed as she sees her parents being murdered in that very woods, but she somehow does not remember any of it.  The only detail she can recall is seeing a bright silver color all around her for about a second before it was gone.  With no parents, she goes to live with her grandmother, whom she doesn't like very much.

At school, Avery finds herself sad all of the time.  She notices a new boy, named Ben, who she has a crush on at first sight.  She later finds out that Ben is a werewolf of the woods but can never remember what happens to him when he transforms.  Through some sort of special connection these two are able to hear each other's thoughts and find out their feelings toward each other are mutual.

One night, Avery sees the same silver color from the night of her parents' murder, but it is only Ben. Then, the next day a man is found dead in the woods, almost the same kind of murder as her parents'.  This leads Avery to believe that Ben killed the man and her parents, although he denies it.  Avery later finds out the truth about her parents' murder through painful and unfortunate events that occur.  Low Red Moon is a captivating and enjoyable story that I suggest everyone should read!

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