August Anime Club Meeting

Today was the August meeting of the Anime Club, right on the eve of everyone returning to school. Tim showed us some clips from the Sonic the Hedgehog anime movie, clips from the Japanese video game it was based on, and some bonus Japanese Sonic commercials! Our manga drawing theme for the meeting was back-to-school, so we also watched some school-themed anime clips. I had super-cute school supplies--piggy pencil sharpeners and panda/frog erasers--for the four winners. (I got them at the dollar store by H-Mart, if you want to track down some for yourself.) Here are all of the drawings:

Actual school supplies!

Kelliann had the most beautiful shading in her picture of a schoolgirl. It was my first choice for a winner.

A schoolgirl

Another schoolgirl

Yet another schoolgirl

For a change of pace...a schoolboy! OK, he's looking at a schoolgirl, but it's a start. Max won a prize for being the only person to draw a schoolboy.

A schoolgirl with talking school supplies

Kathy drew a really cute comic about a school of fish! I gave it a prize for originality.

Still another schoolgirl

Out of all the schoolgirls, I deemed this one the cutest, so Lynn won a prize.

The last schoolgirl

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David J. said...

I like most of these pictures, they're pretty good. The second one reminds me of Orihime Inoue from Bleach.