Pirate Party

Yo-ho-ho! Last Friday (the 13th!) we had our end-of-summer teen pirate party, and 39 people showed up. It was insane!! Everyone made fill-in-the-blank pirate nametags and we watched a clip of Pirates of the Caribbean to get started. After that, I judged the costume contest because I wanted to get it done before we went outside, while they still looked good. Thanks to everyone who dressed up...you made the party more festive!

Then, we made our pirate weapons: marshmallow shooters! It was so easy: just cut the bottom out of a cup, tie off a balloon and cut the end off, and stretch the balloon over the cut-out botttom. Then, put a marshmallow down in the cup, pull the knot back, and let it fly! All 39 of us trooped outside and lined up to take three shots. We did a distance competition (sorry, everyone, I don't trust you enough to let you shoot them AT each other...), and Monet won with a marshmallow that flew for 70 feet! It wasn't even helped much by the wind.

We came back in to watch a clip from a documentary about real pirates, plus laugh at the antics of Captian Feathersword and the Wiggles. Then everyone lined up for rations of cupcakes and pirate snack mix. The last thing we did was work in groups of four to translate the final battle from Harry Potter #7 into pirate language, with hilarious results. The group with the best story won treasure...aka candy necklaces! At the end, everyone took home a squirty shark, pirate ducky, or pirate flag keychain, as well as a pirate pencil. Hope you all had a great time! Thanks to Judy, Christine, and Kathy for decorating help before the event, and to the Teen Advisory Board for helping with the expenses.

What a bunch of scurvy sea dogs!

Our winners: a tech pirate, a vampirate (Team Edwarrrrrd), and a more realistic entry

Avast, me hearties! Ye shall surely slay the enemy with such fearsome weapons!

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