Writers' Workshop Silly Stories Redux

At the final meeting of the Writers' Workshop in June, we had fun doing wild round-robin story writing. We each started a story, then passed to the next person to continue. At the end of the meeting, we had written six rather bizarre stories. A few are included below. Enjoy!!

Want to know who wrote what? Giselle suggested that I color-code the stories, so here is the code:
Giselle = RED
Kaitlyn the Younger = PURPLE
Caitlin the Elder = OLIVE
Megan of the B = BLUE
Megan of the G = ORANGE
Gretchen = GREEN

Here are some old Quotes of the Day I just found from our Writers' Workshop meetings!

"We're like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants...except we're all wearming different pants!" --Caitlin the Elder

"Gretchen is not mature enough to give anyone a 'mom-look'!" --Megan of the G

Megan of the G: "I distinctly heard a turkey."
Megan of the B: "No, that was just some Italian guy singing."

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