Story Started by Giselle

Fiona stepped out into the early morning fog. Dressed in her jogging clothes and with her ear buds in, she finished stretching and started jogging. While listening to Smashmouth, she quickly want around the block once and started on another lap.

Suddenly, she felt like she was being followed. Inconspiculously, she paused her MP3 player. She didn't hear anything behind her, but fog can consume even the loudest noises. She decided against looking over her shoulder, for that would tell her follower she was afraid. She didn't speed up or slow down either. She finished the lap after what seemed like forever and was taking out her keys when someone grabbed her. She let out a yell, but it was muffled by a large hand that had a ring on the middle finger. "Don't move," a low voice said as a sharp object pressed against her lower back. "And don't even think about trying to yell for help."

Fiona could feel the blade digging deeper and it began to pierce her skin. "Help,...please...someone help me!" she thought. "I'll save you!" came a deep, powerful voice from above. Fiona gasped. It was Mighty Mouse! "Whaaaat?" said the attacker, as he was pummeled by the cartoon rodent superhero. The attacker released Fiona and slid to the ground, unconscious from the mouse's fierce onslaught. Mighty Mouse wrestled away the knife, passed it off to Finoa, then told her to run inside and call 911. Dazed by the attack (and confused as to why a cartoon mouse had entered reality), Fiona made the call.

Within minutes, the police had arrived. But Mighty Mouse was nowhere to be seen! The police jumped out of their cars and saw Fiona brandishing a knife over an unconscious boday. So they did the only logical thing. "Ma'am, you're under arrest," they said. "What?! But I didn't do anything. Honestly!" Fiona protested. "Sorry Miss, but we have to take you down to the station anyway. Come on, ma'am." Finoa protested the whole way to the car. "It wasn't me, it was Mighty Mouse." The cops exchanged glances. "Ma'am, would you please recite the alphabet backwards?" "No," Fiona said rather bluntly, "but I'll recite the prepositions: about, above, across, after, against..."

Suddenly, she was saved from the recitation by the arrival of Zeus, the god of thunder! "Excuse me," he said. "I was supposed to use some deus-ex-machina for a Miss Fiona...Fiona...?" He struggled to read the smudged last name on his memo. "Clearview?" Fiona said helpfully, for that was her last name. "Nope, a Fiona Clearfield," Zeus answered, reading the name with the help of his glasses. Anyone here by that name?" Nobody answered. "Oh well," Zeus said as he left the building. The deus-ex-machina never arrived for poor Fiona, and she spent two years in prision for attempted murder. So much for plot twists. THE END.

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