Story Started by Megan of the G

"It was a dark and stormy night," started Ben, the one who was lucky enough to be chosen to go first in the ghost story contest. "Man, that is lame!" shouted Jeff, who was, at the moment, pissed off at stereotypes. His dark attire always caused people to brand him Gothic. "Will ya let me continue?" asked Ben. "As I was saying, it was a dark and stormy night. A family was out in the woods camping. They made toast." He paused for dramatic effect. "And no one knew what to put on it. Should they use butter, or jelly, or...?" He was interrupted as Lisa threw her pillow at him. "Ben, we said ghost story, not toast story!" Ben, who wasn't the brightest bulb in the box, just shrugged.

Lisa said, "If you want to hear a REAL ghost story, listen up. There was this guy who murdered an old geezer. Nobody knew why he did it, but the guy claimed that it was the geezer's blind eye. It followed him everywhere, and it drove him insane. Anyway, the guy chopped up the geezer but kept his heart intact. The guy gently placed the heart under the floorboards and..." "Hey! Stop stealing from Edgar Allan Poe," Jeff interrupted. "What?" Ben asked. "Pft! Figures," Lisa sneered. "Only Count Drags-His-Pants over there would know about somebody as moody as Poe." "Do you have to call me a Goth?" Jeff said.

Suddenly, the lights went out, a bat flew in through the open window and turned in Count Drag-You-Lot. "I've come to drag you lot out of here!" he said. "AHHH!" yelled Lisa in mock fright. "You have got to be kidding me." Then, a net dropped down from out of nowhere, encasing all the teens. Drag-You-Lot grabbed the net and flew out the window. "Oh crud," he shouted as he accidentally dropped the net three stories to the ground. "I hope they are still ripe."

Then a giant moth flew into Count Drag-You-Lot, sending him into a nearby apartment. The moth screeched and flapped its large wings. Down below (three stories to be exact) the teens groaned as they awoke to find themselves in the net still, but in the palm of a giant monkey. Jeff was the first to notice the fight going on above. "Oh my God, it's Mothra!" "What? Who the hell is Mothra?" yelled everyone else. "Well," Jeff started, "It's some giant moth scary thing that weird manga people like. I don't know much about it, but Mothra's a bad dude. I think we're better off with Godzilla here," he said, jerking his thumb toward the monkey.
But just then, the monkey swung the net of teens over his shoulder and started climbing up the apartment building toward the fight. "Holy Bleep!" the teens all yelled, as the Monkey continued to climb. Then, all of the sudden, when tall the villains were atop the building, a huge bolt of lightning appeared, striking them all on the head. All the villains fell to the ground and turned into little puppies. "Well, that was freaky," said Jeff. And so they each took a puppy as a souvenier. But as they picked up the puppies, bolts of light struck each of them, turning them into creatures of the night for all eternity.

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