Book Review: Sexy

Sexy by Joyce Carol Oates

SUMMARY: Sixteen-year-old Darren Flynn is a good-looking "guy's guy," a junior on the swim team, but he is uncomfortable with his maturing body and with girls. A seemingly innocent encounter with his English teacher, Mr. Tracy, troubles Darren. There are rumors Tracy is gay, and after the teacher flunks one of Darren's teammates, some boys retaliate, implicating Tracy in child porn. Tracy, who insists he is innocent, appeals to Darren for help. Will Darren stand up for his teacher?

OPINION: I am not particularly attached to this book, nor do I hate it. Teens deal with a lot of body image concerns, and it is good to see authors writing about boys' issues in this area. So, the premise was good, but, as the story unfolded, it just wasn't that interesting. This could have been a very psychological novel, but the plot devices just didn't unfold enough depth or motivation from the main characters.

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