Book Review: LBD--It's a Girl Thing

LBD--It's a Girl Thing by Grace Dent

SUMMARY: When Ronnie, Fleur, and Claude (aka LBD, or Les Bambinos Dangereuses), are banned from going to a local music festival by their fun-hating ogre parents, the girls come up with a fantastic solution: stage their own festival at their school! It sounds brilliant, but can they convince administrators, find talented teens, and scrape up some cash to get this thing off the ground?

OPINION: This book is classic fluffy British chic-lit. The music festival is the main story, but there are loads of laughs and goreous guys in the subplots. Take it on the bus, to the beach, or to bed...wherever you need a good book for relaxation. It is a fun, enjoyable, and quick read. And now there is a sequel called LBD: Live and Fabulous.

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