Book Review: The Boyfriend List

The Boyfriend List by E. Lockhart

SUMMARY: Ruby Oliver has had a rough 10 days. Her boyfriend ditched her for her best friend, causing her to lose all of her friends and become the subject of bathroom-wall graffiti. In therapy, Ruby makes "The Boyfriend List" of all the boys she has ever liked, even if they weren't actual boyfriends (most of them weren't) and hilariously talks her way through the mess that is her current life.

OPINION: The title of this book sound raunchy, but it is actually a realistic portrayal of unrequited love, boyfriends, lack of boyfriends, friendships-gone-bad, and other high school angst. The writing style is a lot of fun, with a meandering voice that is very conversational and lots of asides put in as footnotes. Several parts of this book made me laugh out loud. If I had Ruby's life, I'd need therapy too!

BEST QUOTE: "I firmly believe that women should not get all cruel and petty with each other over men, because how on earth will we run companies and countries if we're preoccupied with someone else's big boobs in a pink sweater set?" (p. 83)

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