Book Review: Comfort

Comfort by Carolee Dean

SUMMARY: Kenny Willson wants nothing more than to get out of Comfort, Texas--away from the clawlike grip of his workaholic mother, away from his alcoholic ex-con father. Forced to give up football and band in exchange for constant work in his mother's run-down cafe, Kenny is determined not to lose his dreams. And when he discovers a talent for poetry and words, he begins to plot the moment that has the power to change his life.

OPINION: How far you would you go to get what you want? Kenny defies the wishes of his mother by staying IN school and having dreams that stretch beyond the walls of the cafe. But when your dreams aren't enough, would you be willing to run away? Steal? Kill? What I liked best about this book was the stark intersection between dreams and reality, where the best plans don't always work out in expected ways.

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