Book Review: Dustin Grubbs, One Man Show

Dustin Grubbs, One Man Show by John J. Bonk
This book will be released in September 2005.

SUMMARY: So maybe wanting to be an actor is an ambitious career goal for a guy in the sixth grade, but that doesn't stop Dustin Grubbs. He's about to make his theatrical debut in the school play, in spite of interruptions from ill-timed fire alarms, falling scenery, and child TV stars! Dustin is not defeated, and becomes determined to save the day and the play at any cost. (adapted from the back cover)

OPINION: This book has some great funny moments, as disasters strike one after the other and the action becomes increasingly absurd. I really liked Dustin's crazy family and the situations they caused, particulary the birthday party incident. Also, if you have even been in a school play, you will appreciate Dustin's struggles toward on-stage success! Look for this book, coming soon.

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