Book Review: Prom

Prom by Laurie Halse Anderson (NEW!)

Best quote from this book, when the main character is talking about her house:

"It was still spring, so the living room was a shrine to our baseball team, the Philadelphia Phillies. In the fall, Dad made it into a shrine to the Eagles (football). Winter was always a little weird. We'd get Flyers decorations (hockey), 76ers decorations (basketball), and Christmas decorations (baby Jesus, who was a Philly fan from way back)." --p.38

SUMMARY: Ashley doesn't care about the prom at all, but she is the exception in her urban Philadelphia high school. Everyone else is going crazy with prom plans...until their math teacher is arrested for stealing all the money from the prom account...

OPINION: This book is about average teens who are faced with an unreal situation. This story is part humor, part Cinderella, and part suspense! An interesting aside: In the author's notes, Laurie Halse Anderson gives props to Philadelphia's former modern rock station Y100 (*sigh*), which she listed to while writing the book!

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