Book Review: Please Don't Kill the Freshman

Please Don't Kill the Freshman: A Memoir by Zoe Trope

SUMMARY: Zoe Trope's caustic coming-of-age diary rants and raves through her increasingly irrelevant high school career. Zoe's entries chronicle her tortured search for truth in love and art, her faltering faith in the value of activism in the face of universal apathy, and her bottomless disdain for just about every figure and fixture in her high school life.

OPINION: The stream-of-consciousness style writing style makes it stand out from other YA books. Also, the characters are called things like "Techno Boy," "Sloppy Charcoal," "Plum Sweater," "Tupperware," "Vegan Grrl," etc. This actually tells you more about the characters than their real names ever could. And an interesting note: Zoe Trope (not her real name) wrote this book in high school.

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