Book Review: Luna

Luna by Julie Anne Peters

SUMMARY: Peters tells two stories in this groundbreaking novel--one about Regan, and the other about Liam, Regan's transgender brother, who is the son his father expects by day but a young woman, Luna, by night. Fiercely protective of Liam/Luna, Regan has put her life on hold; she worries about her brother's female self being discovered and the family's reaction, and she fears that her brother may someday give in to despair. While Regan wonders if she will ever be able to have a life separate from the needs of her sibling, Liam seriously begins to consider a permanent change.

OPINION: I was not very impressed with this book. True, it is one of only a few teen books that deals with this issue, but it was not very believable. For example, the parents and other minor characters seemed two-dimensional and stereotypical. Then there was Liam/Luna, a high school genius who was independently wealthy from his computer business. If that wasn't enough of a stretch, then he leaves school and his business to run off to the West Coast to live with a transgender person he met on the internet. That is not a good way to deal with your personal issues, people!

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