Book Review: Margaux with an X

Margaux with an X by Ron Koertge (NEW!)

SUMMARY: Margaux is the dream catch of every teenage male within her radar. She has perfected the arts of beauty, popularity, and sarcasm to escape the world of her her money-addicted parents (Dad = professional gambler, Mom = professional shopper) and a long-hidden secret. But, strangely, Margaux feels more like herself with David Riley, a scrawny, weak-chinned, animal loving oddball who has some secrets of his own.

OPINION: This book is a short read, but not too easy. Margaux loves words and ideas, which leads her away from her shallow, popular crowd. I didn't even know all the words she did...I had to look some up!!! If you like this book, we have Stoner and Spaz by the same author.

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