Pokemon Night! Celebrating the end of Gen V!

Last Wednesday, we held a Pokemon Night at the library to properly send off Generation V! With Pokemon X and Pokemon Y coming out the Saturday after, we held one final tournament for Black/White/Black 2 and White 2. We had 16 teens show up, and 4 of them came in costume! We had Brock, Pikachu, Meloetta and Gothitelle! You can see Brock and Meloetta below, along with me in my James costume from Team Rocket:

We started off the event with a costume contest, and each of the four teens walked down a runway and lined up while the rest of the teens voted. Mary, dressed as Meloetta won, beating Brock by just one vote! She took home a Charizard model kit. All the costumes looked great! After that we had our tournament, which consisted of four rounds of Swiss Pairing followed by single elimination of the top four players. James took home first place winning a $15 GameStop gift card and a Fennekin plush (one of the 3 new starters from X and Y). In addition to the DS tournament we also had Pokemon Stadium playing on an N64 hooked up to a TV, and the Wii had the four player Pokemon Rumble playing on the projector screen. Thanks to everyone that came out to Pokemon Night. We'll be sure to do another one soon! (Who will come dressed as Sylveon, huh?)

focused on the tournament

Pokemon gaming on the N64 and Wii

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David J. said...

Nice costumes, especially Meloetta! I believe Mary rightfully won the contest. Though I kinda wish pictures for the Pikachu and Gothitelle costumes were taken as well.