Halloween Party @ Sellers!

Last Friday we had 16 teens come for a Halloween party at the library from 6 to 8! Most people even came in costume, which was awesome! We started things off with a costume contest, where everyone could vote on who they thought had the best costume. Siaka won for his Grim Reaper costume, earning him a vinyl Godzilla figure and a party bag of candy! After that we broke up into teams of two to play a Minute to Win It game, Dizzy Mummy. Each team is given one roll of toilet paper and one person has to wrap up the other person. The first team to use the entire roll wins! Laurel and Ann-Marie won this one by keeping a nice pace (people that went too fast tended to keep tearing the paper)! After that we played some Halloween-themed Jeopardy, then enjoyed pizza and snacks while watching some clips from various spooky movies. And of course, watching Michael Jackson's Thriller! There was also an iPad set up so you could take a picture and "zombify" yourself! Our last game of the night was zombie target shooting, where each person had to shoot as many zombies as they could using a Nerf dart gun before time ran out. We had a tie for first place on that one between Devon and Husnain, and each got a party bag of candy. The night went by too quickly, and before I knew it we were cleaning up! Big thanks to everyone for coming out and celebrating, I'm already looking forward to next Halloween! Also thanks to Laurel for making an awesome Slenderman that we put by the window!

playing Dizzy Mummy!

snack break!

watching some scary clips!

a selfie with Slendy!

Our zombie targets! One is wearing Mario's mustache for some reason...

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