Brain Break 2011

Today, 27 teens stopped in for Brain Break!  Everyone indulged their child-like (childish?) sides with activities like cupcake decorating, making playdough, and constructing with Legos.  We borrowed my four-year-old's board games, and people got gum if they won a game of Candy Land, Hi Ho! Cherry-O, Chutes and Ladders, or Memory.  We played Just Dance for the first time at the library, and it was hilarious!  Later, we switched to Rock Band.  At the end, Laurel was the winner of a study and snack prize basket.

 We made our own playdough.

 A cute playdough snowman and dog

 Chutes and Ladders


Yes, that is a playdough skull.  I said she was like Hamlet, and then Jamie proceeded to quote 15 lines of Hamlet's speech to the skull.  Who knew?! 

 A very nice playdough TARDIS (it had windows and everything, but you can't see them in the pic)


Just Dance!!!

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Kaitlyn said...

So, I'm just randomly going around the blog and posting comments. So, looks like fun! Love the tardis <3