Ice Cream Insanity

A record 35 people made ice cream at our last teen outdoor craft of the summer! Last year, we prepared for 30 and only got 18. This year, I decided not to buy as much ice. Yeah. I had to go to Wawa at 11:45 and buy 10 more bags!! Then, I ran out of rock salt and had to close up shop at about 1:20. Craziness! But lots of fun, especially when all the Summer Stagers and friends showed up after their morning performance.

If you want to do this again at home, here's the recipe. We doubled the amounts and used freezer bags to help prevent leaks. Thanks to Laurel, Arig, Anas, Amani, and Judy for the help setting up, and to everyone who pitched in and helped clean up. See you outside next summer!!

Getting ice from the cooler.

Turning the bags end over end is the best way to freeze the ice cream without freezing your hands!


A great group shot!

The indoor after party

How many teens can fit in the teen corner? (I did not pose this, by the way.)


Momo said...

Did any bags explode? We had an issue with that, maybe I should have gotten freezer bags!

Gretchen said...

freezer bags work better! also, it's best to be gentle when freezing the ingredients. we found flippng the bag end-over-end worked well.