Oscar Party

Tonight, 17 teens showed up for our first-ever Oscar Party. I said people who signed up could bring their friends, and they did! It made me happy because I wasn't expecting that many people and we ended up with a nice group. Thanks to the Teen Advisory Board (TAB) for sponsoring this event with a $50 donation, and thanks to TAB members Genni and Nitha for attending!

Since we were celebrating the Oscars, everyone started the evening with a swag bag that had microwave popcorn and a water bottle in it. Through the evening, everyone had the opportunity to earn more swag by participating in activities. We wrote scripts using only the phrases on candy hearts, did a digital scavenger hunt around the library, and decorated star magnets. My favorite part was when people gave Oscar acceptance speeches for fake movies from The Official Movie Plot Generator. I gave away gum, boxes of movie candy, magnets, Ghirardelli chocolate squares, bubbles, candy jewelry, glow bracelets, and erasers as swag.

We also watched some clips from Oscar-winning movies and ate cheese, crackers, and grapes as our snack. At the end, everyone filled out their guesses for the Oscar winners, and whoever gets the most right after the broadcast will win a $5 gift card to Blockbuster, along with candy, soda, and popcorn. We used a really nice voting sheet that I downloaded from the Acadamy's Oscar Party Kit.

Watch the show this Sunday night!

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Kaitlyn said...

Love the "No Love for RPattz" picture. XD