Bubble Gum Drop-In

Today, 21 people stopped by for the bubble gum drop-in program. Some people stayed for ten minutes, others lasted for the entire three hours, and everyone had fun! Lots of library regulars showed up, but there were also some new faces. Thanks to everyone who brought a friend! At the event, we made chewed gum sculptures, had a bubble-blowing contest, did gum trivia, ate snacks, and played Wii games. Winners of the trivia and bubble blowing contests got packs of gum, of course.

I finally found a used copy of Wario Ware: Smooth Moves for the library's Wii, so we took turns playing that for a long time. I mean, you have to do something while chewing all that gum, right!? The game is so random that even watching someone else play is entertaining, but it is so easy that even someone who has never played Wii can do it. We also played some Rock Band games, ending the event with our always-amazing rendition of Yellow Submarine.

To make our gum sculptures as artistic as possible, we used gumballs in a variety of colors in addition to bubble gum. Here are some creations:

A crazy 3-D monster by Justin. This used the most gum of any sculpture. The dripping saliva gave it an extra gross flair...

Jasmine's poor armless girl couldn't actually pick those flowers!

Yes, Laurel made a macabre skull.

Anas enshrined his love for soccer.

This is Jace from Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series, immortalized in gum by Kaitlyn!

"Birds fly over the rainbow, why, then, oh why can't I..." by Emily

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Wop Juv said...

hahaha this is so funny and so sick!

awesome program!