I Have an Excellent Idea!

Let's change the subject! Lol reference to Disney's Alice in Wonderland.

Seriously though, I noticed that at the Get Your Game On! club, people tend to be waiting for turns (sometimes for a long time) on Brawl, or gravitate towards Melee on the GameCube when Brawl isn't playing. I wonder if this idea would be overdoing it, or just adding to the fun: since the Wii plays GameCube games as well, perhaps I could (occasionally) bring in my Wii to a) Make the current Wii dedicated to non-Brawl, b) Offer multiple stations for Brawl simultaneously, or c) Expand the choices for people not playing on the current Wii (whether it be Brawl, Rock Band, or Guitar Hero).

In case this idea is accepted... well, I have all data on Brawl unlocked, and I obviously have the game disk. For other games that my Wii does not have data for, anyone with an SD card can transfer it over (I have over 8GB of free memory across my SD and MicroSD cards). Additionally I can offer 2 Wii Remotes and Nunchucks for use, as well as 3 wireless and 2 wired GameCube controllers.

Well, what does everyone think? Post your feedback!


Gretchen said...

great idea, but we don't have a second projector. hence the use of the tv for the gamecube. you could possibly run your wii through the vcr??

David J. said...

Yeah, I was thinking it would be hooked up to the TV via VCR.

Anonymous said...

I like option B.

Gretchen said...

another idea..use the money we raised to purchase another wii for the library. they're down to $199 now.