Nintendo Night

On Friday, 26 teens showed up for our Teen Tech Week edition of Nintendo Night. In addition to two tournaments, people enjoyed free play of Rock Band games on the Wii and Super Mario 3 on the vintage NES. We had 24 in our Super Smash Brothers Brawl tournament and 7 in the DS Pokemon tournament. The Brawl tournament brackets worked down to a top six, so we did two rounds of three players taking the top one from each round. The final ended up being Alex vs. Jared, and Jared emerged victorious again. In the Pokemon tournament, the final was Ross vs. Le, with Le as the winner. Alex and Le both earned $10 gift cards to Game Stop, while Jared got a $25 one. All of the quarter-final finishers in both tournaments earned candy.

This is the first time in a long time where we actually managed to finish both tournaments during the program and actually have time left over for free play on Brawl! Also, the only technical difficulties we had were that I forgot the speakers for the second Wii. My husband came to the rescue, though, and ran home and back here with our kids in tow. He arrived just in time! Thanks, Jason!!! Everyone who enjoyed Rock Band appreciates you.

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David J. said...

Success! Can't wait until next one.