I Really Miss Y'all

College has been an okay experience so far... and I should probably make this quick since I have to leave for my first class in about 6 hours. I'm disappointed with how my class schedule turned out this semester, since my latter Monday classes prevent me from coming to the Gaming Club (the main event I attended). As a result of my absence, I forget to check the blog often, and ended up missing out on Nintendo Night and DDR. I'm not here to whine and cry, just letting everyone I know at the library that I miss you all. (horror of horrors; Temple has over 220 clubs and organizations, none of which I find interesting!)
Just a side note: I can start scheduling my Spring courses on the 29th, so there's a possibility that I may be able to return for a while. Keep your fingers crossed (and resist sending my fellow Owls viruses to prevent them from taking course slots).


Gretchen said...

So nice! You're missed around here, too, and not just for your controllers!! Hope to see you soon.

Nitha said...


katie said...

I miss you lots, David! come back soon!

David J. said...

Just an update on my registration:
I ended up registering 5 courses for the Spring 2010 semester, all to my preference of times and teachers. The good news is that I only have one class on Mondays, and it only goes from 9am to 9:50. Expect to see me back at the library on Mondays after January 19th!

David J. said...

Just another update for when I'll return:

Finals are during the week of December 14. So if I don't have a final that Monday, then that will be the first day I can come back and see everyone!