YouTube Strikes Again

Yesterday, 16 teens showed up for our second YouTube party! (Here's the post about our first one.) This time is was a little better organized and a lot more streamlined. Everyone signed in with their name, video, and category as they came in, so we didn't waste time calling on people, debating which video to show, etc.

Everyone assigned their video one of three categories: Humor, Music/Animation, and Other. We had just enough time for everyone to show one video and to vote on the winners at the end. Christine won in the Humor category for the Twilight Trailer Spoof (made even more hilarious by the fact that someone had shown the real trailer earlier in the program), Nikki won in the Music/Animation category for Draw with Me, and Karthika won in the Other category for a video of her and her friends doing a Bollywood-inspired dance on New Year's Eve. They all got candy, and Nikki also received a $10 gift card to McDonald's for being voted the overall winner. I also gave candy to DeSean, who showed an animation that he put together, and to Nitha, who appeared in the video shown by Karthika! (I figured bravery should earn some candy.)

And for all of you who complain that you haven't seen Kara all year...she showed up yesterday afternoon and stayed for the program! It was supercool. Her classes are done, so hopefully we'll be seeing more of her.


katie said...

Yay Kara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gretchen, since I couldn't come to the youtube party you better have another one just for me. lol! Congrats peoples who won!!!!!!!

Nitha said...

......i have to tell you - i dont even care if i was watching that by myself - that was horrific! i hid behind karthika (during the vid)for a reason! so no one would see me!