Awards Assembly

Last night, I went to Senior Awards Night at Upper Darby High School. With so many members of our groups like Teen Advisory Board (TAB), Book Grub, and Gaming Club graduating from UD this year, it was a great excuse to attend!

I practically jumped out of my chair when Arwa E. (TAB) won the prestigious Mendenhall Tyson award, along with Nitha S. (Book Grub). In the past, three library employees' children have won that award, and I am as proud of the library teens as those moms were of their own kids. Koumudi N. (TAB) won an NHS National Scholarship and the Upper Darby Union Sunday School Scholarship. Her family sat by me, so it was extra exciting to clap for her! Meg G. (TAB) won a memorial scholarship and was recognized for being a National Merit Scholarship Finalist. I was so happy to see our library teens have such a high level of success. The people around me were very curious as to what my connection was to the girls!

Other teens I know from the library who received awards were David J., Alan S., Tariq F., Jatinder K., Noor A., Jurgen K., Kristy G., and Maher Z. It was amazing to see everyone all grown up and ready to go off to college and real life! I enjoyed talking to all the library teens and their parents, too.


katie said...

Congrats UD seniors!!!!!!!! I'm gonna miss you guys like crazy!!!!!!!!! :-(

David J. said...

Aww... I didn't know you were there, Gretchen! I would've scanned the attendance more...

Honestly, I didn't expect either award I recieved that night. Some people around me were kinda P.O.'d that they missed a specific award. One guy even seems to have lost all hope in art since he didn't get any awards in the department.