Outdoor Activities Blog Poll

For the past two weeks, the blog poll has asked readers to select their favorite outdoor activities. People were allowed to select more than one answer, and 26 people voted on the poll. Walking/running and playing a team sport tied for first place with 12 votes each, while swimming was a close second with 10 votes. Here are the complete results:

playing a team sport--12 (46%)
hiking--9 (34%)
grilling--5 (19%)
skateboarding/rollerblading--2 (7%)
camping--4 (15%)
walking/running--12 (46%)
fishing--3 (11%)
suntanning--5 (19%)
biking--6 (23%)
boating--4 (15%)
gardening--4 (15%)
swimming--10 (38%)

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Anonymous said...

Curious if anyone has caught any of the Warren Miller Film's being offered on The Ski Channel? Great stuff indeed!