In honor of her new book The Sweet Far Thing, 14 teens came to our Libba Bray Cele-BRAY-tion last night. It was basically a Victorian-style event with tea, crafts, and games. We started out with a dance card icebreaker, then had hot tea and finger sandwiches. After that, we learned about the meanings of flowers and had a contest to write down what flowers in a bouquet would be best for certain situations. Later, we played Hunt the Slipper and made Victorian valentines. Finally, we had our costume contest. Kara won (as usual!), but Kaitlyn B. had the most creative costume. She came as one of the factory girls from the new book!

People who hadn't read the books certainly will now because we had so much fun. If you are looking for the trilogy, the books are A Great and Terrible Beauty, Rebel Angels, and The Sweet Far Thing.

Great costumes!

The food

OMG she's wearing her wig!

It's springy!

Filling up the dance cards as people arrived

What class! What style!

Making Victorian-style valentines

Another table working on their valentines

Excellent costume contest entries!


katie said...

Last night was a lot of fun! One thing that made me feel really special was that the costume winner really liked my costume! Just so everyone knows I am Katie E. but probably if I were Katie B. I would have said 'my wig' instead of 'my costume.'

Marissa said...

No pictures? Wahhhhhhh?

gretchen said...

the pix are coming. just didn't have time earlier!!

Gretchen said...

ok, enjoy the pix!!

Marissa said...


Anonymous said...

so i really love the picture of me and my bouncing wig, :)

martha said...

It only just occurred to me that Kara reminds me a lot of Mary Poppins. The umbrella made me think of it.

Zee said...

Very cool,
It looks like you have a lot of participation on your blog. Wake County Libraries just started a teen library blog a few months ago. Do you have any ideas for drawing teens to the blog?