Book Review: The Sweet Far Thing

The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray

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I started the first book of this series on a snowy winter night three years ago, when I was supposed to be covering it for the library. So it seems a fitting end to my reading that I finished the third book tonight at the library, as it is snowing outside!

After years of waiting for this book, it did not disappoint. The writing style was atmospheric and haunting, much like the first book. Having bound all the magic of the realms to herself as a means of protecting it, Gemma must decide how to restore it properly. This is made complicated by power struggles in the real world and in the realms. As the story progressed, I enjoyed the suspense of not knowing who was giving Gemma true advice. And I really enjoyed her increasingly intense relationship with Kartik! The conclusion of the story reduced me to tears several times, but it was beautifully done.

If you have not read this series, check out A Great and Terrible Beauty and Rebel Angels before reading this book. I highly recommend this trilogy, even though I *gasp* forgot to include it in my current trilogy blog poll!


Marissa said...

Although I didn't like it at the time cause it drove me crazy the suspense was really good but I didn't like the ending.

Gretchen said...

without revealing too much, what didn't you like about the ending? the kartik thing? the felicity/pippa thing? the america thing?

Megan G. said...

I disliked the Kartik thing (so not fair, after all the other Kartik things!), didn't mind the Fee/Pippa thing (not too surprising, if you've been paying attention), and kind of liked the America thing (but it would have been better if the Kartik thing hadn't happened). Great book, especially when she was trying to figure out just who she could trust. My only regret is that now it's over.

Gretchen said...

i love the vagueness of this discussion!

Marissa said...

The kartik thing killed it!!!!!!

Melanie R. said...

I would totally love to go but I can't cause I have Dance Lessons. But I am totally signing up for the guitar hero III. But I wonder if I can Get my friend and (don't tell anyone) Boyfriend to come.

Can't Wait!